1. What is spoofsms.net all about?
spoofsms.net allows you to send anonymous or spoofed SMS with a customised Sender ID. You can pull a prank on a friend or use it for marketing purposes.

2. What can I do with the Sender ID?
You may customize it to any alphanumeric string up to 11 characters or numeric string up to 17 characters of your choice e.g. "Santa Claus" or "12345678901234567". Some carriers may modify or block your message due to the spoofed Sender ID. To evade such filtering system, the recommended Sender ID should be a 10 or 11 digit value (for US, recommended to begin with the country code 1).

3. Would the recipient be able to reply?
If the Sender ID is spoofed, the recipient would not be able to reply to you.
If the Sender ID is 12345678, then the user would be replying to that number if he press the "Reply" button on his cellphone.
If the Sender ID is in text, eg. Test, the user would not be able to send the reply as "Test" is not a valid number to send a text to.
Unless you set the Sender ID as your real number, otherwise the recipient would never be able to know it is you or reply to you.

4. What is the network coverage like?
Yes. spoofsms.net boasts a worldwide coverage, including USA, UK, Australia, Asia etc. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions and Coverage Map for more info!

5. What private information do I need to provide? What information would be withheld on your server?
To register for an account, you only need to provide a Name and a valid Email Address, nothing else!
Records of requests to our services will be withheld by our systems by ip address and browser information along with timestamps. This will be used as an audit trail to comply with government standards.

6. Would I get into trouble? Any legality issues?
The service should not be used to commit any illegal acts. You should seek legal advices from your attorney as different states and countries may have different laws governing such acts.

7. I've made payment but the credits are not being reflected on my account!
Credits usually appear instantly after purchase. If the SMS credits do not appear after 24 hours, submit this form here and we'll process it within 24 hours.

8. I've sent a message but it has not been received!
Messages usually reach the recipient in less than a minute's time. Please ensure that the recipient is in a GSM network (not a CDMA one) that is listed in our Coverage Map. Some carriers may block spoofed Caller ID if the value or length of it is invalid, as such you may wish to consider using a 10-digit Sender ID value. If you are sure the number is correct and the recipient is in the Coverage Map, please send details (e.g. Recipient's Number, Country, Carrier) to help (at) spoofsms.net and we'll follow up on it.

9. How do I contact you if I need help?
We provide quick email response within 1 working day. E-mail us at help (at) spoofsms.net anytime, or use the online form at Contacts section.